Sunday, May 3, 2015

Clipping Magic Free to Remove Background From Image Online

Clippingmagic - One of the most advanced and easiest online program that is used to remove background from image. At the beginning it is free but when it is popular and some professionals need it anyhow, the program is made premium i.e it is not free now. You have to pay as per how many photos you use to cutout it's background.
Users are still searching alternatives in google but with no luck. So I want to refer new online software that is similar to clippingmagic that can be used for simple to intermediate photos in complexity. It cannot be used for picture with strangled hair or same color background.
Here is the short preview of how to remove background from image online.

Remove Background From Image Online

Here is the short video tutorial.

And here is the link to online app -

Remove Background From Image Online