Sunday, May 3, 2015

Clipping Magic Free to Remove Background From Image Online

Clippingmagic - One of the most advanced and easiest online program that is used to remove background from image. At the beginning it is free but when it is popular and some professionals need it anyhow, the program is made premium i.e it is not free now. You have to pay as per how many photos you use to cutout it's background.
Users are still searching alternatives in google but with no luck. So I want to refer new online software that is similar to clippingmagic that can be used for simple to intermediate photos in complexity. It cannot be used for picture with strangled hair or same color background.
Here is the short preview of how to remove background from image online.

Remove Background From Image Online

Here is the short video tutorial.

And here is the link to online app -

Remove Background From Image Online

Monday, December 2, 2013

New Year and Merry Christmas 2014 - Wishes, Messages, Greetings Cards Maker

This is online Greeting Cards Maker for New Year, Christmas, Valentine day, Birthday etc. You can edit text and add your own photos in the beautiful shape. Below are just some samples for New Year and Merry Christmas 2014. There are lots of templates for facebook cover or timeline, google+ cover photos. 
Check out this for all the templates :

Greeting Cards Templates

Wish best friends a very happy new year and christmas 2014

Happy New Year 2014 and Merry Christmas

new year 2014 greeting cards for Christmas

Photo Collage- A Very Merry Christmas To You

Happy New Year 2014 Greeting Cards

2014 new year and christmas wishes

Thursday, June 13, 2013

How to add Vintage, Instagram Retro and Sepia Look to your photos online

What is Instagram Retro, Vintage and Sepia Effect ?

In old days of analog photography, imperfections were the source of retro, vintage photos. The main characteristics are colour washes, light leaks, vignettes and blurs which were common problems while processing of the film. The good cameras are not cheap as now a days and particularly from cheap cameras these type of effects are originated. Because of the great leap of digital technology in the field of photography, these type of problems are no more occurs. But more and more people are loving such old retro effects now a days which we can recreate them using advanced application like photoshop or very easily online.

Go To App : -

Add Instagram Retro, Vintage and Sepia Effect to Any Photos

Webcam Effects Interface

Advanced Webcam Effects Editor for Instagram, retro and vintage filters

Presets for easily create Instagram, retro and vintage photos

Some Examples created by this app :












Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Make A Collage Of Best Pictures Online

Make A Collage Of Best Pictures Online

Special events like holidays, wedding, travelling, and other celebrations are happening day by day in our society. We are the parts or members of these. We want to capture snaps of those events for future reference. For this, camera is the most common device that is always present on such events. Whether you or your friends have one to capture best moments of those celebrations to edit, make collage and share them on social networks like facebook, twitter or photo blogs like flickr or pinterest.
We are focusing on Make a Collage of Best Pictures Online which is very common now a days. No need of advanced program like photoshop and no need to hassle of downloads and installation. Easy as 1-2-3 steps, you can make best collage out of your photos of great moments. Look at the below what we are going to do in a few minutes.

Make a Collage of Best Pictures Online

If you want to jump to the app, go here 

Make A Collage Of Best Pictures Online

Let's start campaign to make a collage out of best photos online:

1. Open Collage Editor by visiting the above link, you will reach to the following interface. There are two types of menus. Left and right side menus. In left side, the first image button is for choosing different photo templates, next one is for adding text, background, frames, effects and last one is for saving the final collage to your computer. In the right side, there are mini tools for moving objects forward and backward, flipping horizontally, changing opacity, apply shadows on individual objects and for last one is for deleting to add new photos. Choose anyone template to start.

Make a Collage photo interface

2. Here I choose 4-photos template as below and there is "Add Photo" button on each black box. You can add photos by clicking on those button one by one.

Choose different Collage templates

3. Firstly, add background of your choice i.e. you have 3 choices. Color, gradient and image background. Play with those background to suit your photos by changing color, gradient or photos.

Add color, gradient and photo background to your collage

4. Now click on add photo button, a crop dialog box appears where you can choose part of the picture to use on the collage template. Hit on below "Ok Crop It" button to fit the selected part of photo on the template.

Crop photos online to get only part of it

5. Similarly add other photos and your work should look like below screenshot.

Best photo collage maker

6. Select any picture to add or customize frame or border. There are 3 types of frame - Outer, inner and round frame. Play with frame border by changing it's color, stroke width and roundness.

Customize frame or border of your picture by changing inner or outer or round border

7. Give some photo effects on each by clicking on various effects. Choose the photo to apply it. Some of the popular grayscale, sepia, colorize, sketch, sharpen, emboss etc.

Add effects on each photo, sepia, grayscale, invert, colorize

8. Apply shadow on each picture by selecting them to give final and professional touch. You can change shadow color, it's properties like blur, x and y offsets etc.

Apply shadow on each picture to give professional touch

9. It's time to save your creation. Hit save button and get directly downloadable file by clicking on "Low Quality (jpg) or save the photo collage by right click and save image as to get high quality png image. It's your choice.
 Save final photo collage

10. After download, do whatever with that photo you want i.e. share with your friends on social networks.
 Make a collage of special events photos

 11. Add some caption of text on photo collage if you want.

Add text on photo, stylish and fancy fonts and colors

OK, Have fun with your photos making collages of them. Make a collage in new and creative way.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Remove background from picture without using photoshop

It's baby task to from background from any picture. It can be accomplished using advanced software like photoshop but it's fool to use it for just making transparent image because photoshop is very expensive and need time and effor to learn it. You can google online photo tools for removing background from photo or replace it's background with another photo.
Here I am going to introduce you with new online and free photo editor and collager application for doing this job.

Visit Remove background from picture

Follow this step-by-step tutorials for cutout any image.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

How to apply gradient to background, text and shapes online without using photoshop ?

How to cutout pictures and apply gradients to background, text and shapes
Making photo cutout and applying gradients
You are going to make this beautiful design without using photoshop. It's online and free. It's takes about 5 minutes to complete and very easy. Here is the step by step tutorials on making this possible using

Photo Collage Maker

1. Apply gradient to background.
2. Load baby photo.
3. Remove background of the photo (using photo cutout).
4. Add speech bubble and apply gradient to it.
5. Load fonts, add text and apply gradient to the text.
6. Reposition them as you wish.
7. Save and share the result.

Step-by-step video tutorial

Cut out photos online without using photoshop

Are you afraid of photoshop ? Don't be. You don't have to use photoshop for most of the regular and normal tasks. Photoshop is only for advanced users. Now a days, you can find tons of photo editing and photo collage making tools which are also free. Very less learning curve as they have also video tutorials on how to use it.

One of the most common task of photo editing is cut out a photo or remove background so that it's removed parts are transparent and paste them into another photo. For example you have a photo with boring background (may be your room background) and want to remove the room background and place your photo only into another photo with beautiful or romantic background. This is not easy to do in photoshop if you are beginner.

This can be achieved online free using


cut out photos online and paste them into another photo

 See here step-by-step tutorial on cut out photo and merge it on another background photo.

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