Thursday, January 31, 2013

How to apply gradient to background, text and shapes online without using photoshop ?

How to cutout pictures and apply gradients to background, text and shapes
Making photo cutout and applying gradients
You are going to make this beautiful design without using photoshop. It's online and free. It's takes about 5 minutes to complete and very easy. Here is the step by step tutorials on making this possible using

Photo Collage Maker

1. Apply gradient to background.
2. Load baby photo.
3. Remove background of the photo (using photo cutout).
4. Add speech bubble and apply gradient to it.
5. Load fonts, add text and apply gradient to the text.
6. Reposition them as you wish.
7. Save and share the result.

Step-by-step video tutorial

Cut out photos online without using photoshop

Are you afraid of photoshop ? Don't be. You don't have to use photoshop for most of the regular and normal tasks. Photoshop is only for advanced users. Now a days, you can find tons of photo editing and photo collage making tools which are also free. Very less learning curve as they have also video tutorials on how to use it.

One of the most common task of photo editing is cut out a photo or remove background so that it's removed parts are transparent and paste them into another photo. For example you have a photo with boring background (may be your room background) and want to remove the room background and place your photo only into another photo with beautiful or romantic background. This is not easy to do in photoshop if you are beginner.

This can be achieved online free using


cut out photos online and paste them into another photo

 See here step-by-step tutorial on cut out photo and merge it on another background photo.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Add text or captions to photos online without using photoshop

Step by step tutorial for adding text or captions to photos without using advanced and expensive software photoshop. If you are connected to the internet, then it's very easy task to do online. You can add photo captions as you wish without any pre-made templates.

Here is new HTML5 Photo Collage Maker which is very easy to use and has number of free fonts, cliparts, shapes. You can cutout your photo to remove it's background and make transparent. Watch this video tutorials of adding text with author name on photo of miss world Aisworya Rai.

Photo Caption Preview
before : add captions to photos
Photo before adding caption

after: adding captions to photos online without using photoshop
Photo after adding caption

Website : Add captions to photos

Monday, January 28, 2013

How to add photo captions without photoshop ?

It is widely popular saying that photo is worth of thousand words. Photo can express sadness, happiness, peace, war, fun, romantic moment. It is gems of old memories. People capture various moments of life in the form of photo for future reference.  

Adding short and sweet captions or information about photo is the common practice. Whether it is newspaper, magazine, photo exhibition, online photo blog, captions are need for clearer understanding. 

How to add photo captions ?

There is an advanced and expensive software like photoshop which needs to be installed on your computer. There is also online collage maker which are mostly flash based like picnik, pixlr etc. which is also very heavy for just adding simple photo captions. 

Here is good photo collage making tool that can add captions with hundreds of free and stylized fonts. You can upload your font too.

Check this app:

Add photos captions online easily without photoshop