Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Make A Collage Of Best Pictures Online

Make A Collage Of Best Pictures Online

Special events like holidays, wedding, travelling, and other celebrations are happening day by day in our society. We are the parts or members of these. We want to capture snaps of those events for future reference. For this, camera is the most common device that is always present on such events. Whether you or your friends have one to capture best moments of those celebrations to edit, make collage and share them on social networks like facebook, twitter or photo blogs like flickr or pinterest.
We are focusing on Make a Collage of Best Pictures Online which is very common now a days. No need of advanced program like photoshop and no need to hassle of downloads and installation. Easy as 1-2-3 steps, you can make best collage out of your photos of great moments. Look at the below what we are going to do in a few minutes.

Make a Collage of Best Pictures Online

If you want to jump to the app, go here 

Make A Collage Of Best Pictures Online

Let's start campaign to make a collage out of best photos online:

1. Open Collage Editor by visiting the above link, you will reach to the following interface. There are two types of menus. Left and right side menus. In left side, the first image button is for choosing different photo templates, next one is for adding text, background, frames, effects and last one is for saving the final collage to your computer. In the right side, there are mini tools for moving objects forward and backward, flipping horizontally, changing opacity, apply shadows on individual objects and for last one is for deleting to add new photos. Choose anyone template to start.

Make a Collage photo interface

2. Here I choose 4-photos template as below and there is "Add Photo" button on each black box. You can add photos by clicking on those button one by one.

Choose different Collage templates

3. Firstly, add background of your choice i.e. you have 3 choices. Color, gradient and image background. Play with those background to suit your photos by changing color, gradient or photos.

Add color, gradient and photo background to your collage

4. Now click on add photo button, a crop dialog box appears where you can choose part of the picture to use on the collage template. Hit on below "Ok Crop It" button to fit the selected part of photo on the template.

Crop photos online to get only part of it

5. Similarly add other photos and your work should look like below screenshot.

Best photo collage maker

6. Select any picture to add or customize frame or border. There are 3 types of frame - Outer, inner and round frame. Play with frame border by changing it's color, stroke width and roundness.

Customize frame or border of your picture by changing inner or outer or round border

7. Give some photo effects on each by clicking on various effects. Choose the photo to apply it. Some of the popular grayscale, sepia, colorize, sketch, sharpen, emboss etc.

Add effects on each photo, sepia, grayscale, invert, colorize

8. Apply shadow on each picture by selecting them to give final and professional touch. You can change shadow color, it's properties like blur, x and y offsets etc.

Apply shadow on each picture to give professional touch

9. It's time to save your creation. Hit save button and get directly downloadable file by clicking on "Low Quality (jpg) or save the photo collage by right click and save image as to get high quality png image. It's your choice.
 Save final photo collage

10. After download, do whatever with that photo you want i.e. share with your friends on social networks.
 Make a collage of special events photos

 11. Add some caption of text on photo collage if you want.

Add text on photo, stylish and fancy fonts and colors

OK, Have fun with your photos making collages of them. Make a collage in new and creative way.